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by fortunecooky (fortunecooky)
at July 2nd, 2013 (11:38 am)

I have not played Birth By Sleep. I have played everything else. I recently acquired Birth By Sleep and will be beating the shit out of it.

18+ only please.
Contact: keybeatsheartless on AIM, this is the best and surest way to reach me.

My primary character is Sora. I can double as Roxas, Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, and most characters in general. However, I cannot play Riku or Axel very well. I am looking for my match of sorts, someone who can also double as several characters but who can play Riku as a primary.

Riku/Sora is my pairing, I've never gotten tired of it and never will, but that doesn't mean I won't play Sora with other people. In the depths of his heart, Riku will be who Sora wants, and I would like a Riku who feels that way about Sora, however, love isn't all that makes a relationship and I'm fine with circumstances that get in the way of them actually being together! In fact, I don't like making it easy.

I like slice of life to an extent, I love action just as much, and I'd like the RP to have a whole plot with both. I RP dark, gritty, terrible things in between moments of happiness and fluff, and I can RP just about every kink I have ever heard of as long as we're largely realistic. (Pushing the limits of the human body to minor degrees is okay, too.) I cannot RP something that is only happy, I prefer a balance of about 70% darker, gritty plotlines and 30% happy, fluffy times over the course of a long-term session.

Outside of plotty stuff, I'm also looking for really dark PWPs involving kinks. Perhaps the Organization/Xehanort versus Sora? I can also potentially do original stuff but you'll have to impress me with the idea.

I RP primarily on AIM but I am fine with gdocs.

Note: I'm a student who loves to overload classes and is in collegiate sports, but I do make time for RP when I can. My major allows me to be on the computer for nearly all of my classes, and I will make it work for an RP that gives me my fix. Right now it's summer time, so my availability is wide open. I'm in the US, so I'd prefer people with similar timezones to myself. I'm cool with being friendly and just getting down to business.