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Welcome to
K I N G D O M H E A R T S Y A O I.

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{ I N T R O D U C T I O N }

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Yaoi.

This community concentrates on the homosexual, or gay, relationships between the characters of Square Enix and Disney's marketed game Kingdom Hearts [2]. Here, you may discover different genres of yaoi available through the Kingdom Hearts fandom, as well as a small selection of what could otherwise be ignored. It is also here that Kingdom Hearts related topics, other communities and the like may be found, affiliated, and advertised.

But what exactly is yaoi?
Yaoi is the explicit relationship between two boys, often confused with shounen-ai, it's friendlier counterpart. To be known, both yaoi and shounen-ai are welcomed here in the community - in fact, that's what this community is built off of.

Ew. That's fuckin' gross!
I'm sorry you feel that way; this community was created to meet the fancies of those who do like associating yaoi-relationships with characters of the game(s), so if you may find it offensive.. Visit elsewhere. Consider this one of two warnings.

What about children viewing this content?
Indeed. What about the children. Given I do not have a direct control of who does and does not view this community, and don't have a desire to make it a private community, I can only provide warnings. As parents, guardians, or minors who are able to responsibly handle the interweb, it's your duty to take heed.

{ A W O R D }
This community will, or may very well, contain graphical, explicitly sexual or suggestive content that may otherwise supply offense. Though as a whole, entries may be rated anywhere from PG to NC-17, we are not to be held responsible for what may be seen here. Nor will we tolerate flames; two warnings have been provided, and if they go ignored, we cannot control that.

If there is an issue that involves this particular concern, feel free to emew the mod. A response will be made as soon as possible.

{ R U L E S }
Unfortunately, given this is a community, there are some rules to abide.

→ 1.} Respect all other members, first and fore-most. I don't want to see some random conflict occurring in comments and the like.

→ 2.} LJ-cut your material. To avoid the above from happening [the flames, that is], I'd like to play it safe and have all pictures, fiction, and whatever else there may be put behind a warning label. That way if anyone does stumble across it, we shan't be held responsible. No, I don't care what the content contains. LJ-cut everything.

→ 3.} If you're going to advertise a community, a web-site, or any other related issues, please contact me FIRST and allow me to a-ok it. If I find it to be within the means of kh: yaoi, then I may allow it. Otherwise, those who don't obey this rule shall receive one warning, then be banned. Tough luck, chaps and lasses.

→ 4.} Let's try to keep this on topic. I don't mind if you go on ranting about a few select characters, but if I see any entries concerning that of their dog, "Sephiroth" mindly molesting their neighbor "Cid," we shall have a few problems to discuss. No matter how entertaining that may be.

→ 5.} If I think of it, I'll add it~.

{ A F F I L I A T E S }
{ to be added }

{ C R E D I T }
Tin Men {Roxas x Riku}: rubyd

{ M O D E R A T O R I N F O }

AIM: its roxas
Emew: teh.muu@gmail.com
Private LJ: sharpies

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